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A good website to refer. Very concise. I Suggest to add picture gallery with categories 1. How to Smash(BH/FH) 2. How To Spin(BH/FH) 3. How to block(BH/FH) and many more that contribute to us. This will improve us A LOT and make the website more exciting. Thanks. - Kael Mustapha (Singapore)

Best table tennis site on the net... great articles! Keep up the good work guys!!! - Ray

Excellent website, lots of useful information about all aspects of tabletennis. In Scotland my region holds the one of the biggest table tennis open tournaments in Britain. This year it will be held in Glasgow on 22nd/23rd January 2005. If anyone would like information on it please email me at mccallum_philip@hotmail.com, or visit the clubs site @ www.drumchapeltabletennisclub.com. Hope to hear from you all soon. - Philip McCallum

I think it is really neat how you have the blade info about the butterfly proline blades. You had exactly what I was looking for. - Brandon Harke

Wow! Thats what I think about this website. It has more information that players with ambitions can learn from it, and I am one of those players. - Lunga Sigabi

I found this site while on the net at a local library. Good stuff. I don't compete anymore, or play, but i do cruise thru some table tennis sites now and then... good work. - Jim Shoots

Your site is really fantastic, that is what I was looking for. - Stevan Ilincic

Great site, the best I've found for useful table tennis information. It will help my game a lot. Thanks. - Garrett

Excellent website! A lot of very useful info, especially about techniques.

I am a tabletennis player my self. I come from england. I find your site very interesting. - Daniel Ives

Thank you for your information. This is one of the best table tennis sites I've ever read. I like it very much. - Khanh

Thanks for your service... I found it nice surfing your pages & loading some TT clips! - Abadaniell

I find the site very good and the items on it are excellent. In my opinion it is one of the best TT sites on the Web, I especially like the Basic, Training Info and Stoke seciont which are excellent. - George Reeves

Very Nice about tabletennis. - Risha.K.

Very good site. Usefull. BSJ High School, Puerto Rico - Mario Santiago

Very Good - Tarek Sheir

Great site. It has really helped me compete against better players. - Dave Porto

This site is great. I can learn what the rules and the regulations are. - Pramoda Ravi

This is quite the best site of its type that I have come across. - Brian Halliday (UK)

Good information. - Rahmat

It's a great link. Lots of useful information and illustrations. Great Job!. Thanks. - Leonard George

This site is great!

I am a full time student at CSUCI working towards a teaching credential. In my "Physical Education for Elementary School Teachers" class we are working on creating specific instructional units. I chose to do a unit (14 lessons) on table tennis.

I have found this site to be very helpful, thank you! May I refer to this site in my unit?

- Willow Wade - Santa Barbara, California, USA

I think that this site has the best movies to download. Good work!

This is my Ranking:

1. Jan Ove Waldner (Sweden) Don't miss

2. Kalinikos Kreanga (Greece) Best backhand

3. Peter Franz (Germany) Great Forehand

4. Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus) Best defence

5. Timo Boll (Germany) Best Forehand

6. J├Ârgen Persson (Sweden) when he is not injured. Has very good defence

7. Wang Liqin(China) Best Chinese. Best technique.

- Christian (Sweden)

Well I say the site is pretty cool. I think it's one of my best ping pong sites. - John Zhushaolong



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